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Additional oral examinations for theses for WiSo students of the new examination regulations (PO 2015)¹

Due to the new examination regulations, the Chair of Social Policy and Methods in Qualitative Social Research and the Seminar for Cooperative Studies has adapted the previously established system of thesis writing for students of BA Economics and Social Sc., BA Social Sciences and MA Political Science.

For all three study programs, the number of credit points for writing a final thesis has increased compared to the old examination regulations. In addition to writing the thesis, students must now attend colloquia or thesis seminars and take oral exams. Different modalities apply to the affected study programs, as the following table illustrates:


  BA Social Sc. BA Economics and Social Sc. MA Political Sc.
Participation in the information session on final theses X X X
Presentation (date will be fixed with the
Term paper (based on
the exposé)
Registration at the chair
for an exam

(Bachelor Seminar
Economics and Social Sc.)



If you have any questions regarding the oral exams, please contact Nicole Vetter exclusively by email.
¹All legally information regarding the examinations is without guarantee.