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FAQ Teaching

On this page you will find our general FAQs. The FAQs specifically for the area of teaching can be found here.



You can register for our courses via Klips 2.0. After registration via KLIPS and synchronization with ILIAS you will have access to the corresponding courses. If you have missed the registration during the registration phase, you can make up for it at the beginning of the semester.
If you have any problems please contact Ms. Anne Bruns stating your matriculation number and the name of the course.



a) Preparation
Our team will make every effort to prepare you intensively for the exams in the exercises and lectures. Additional in-depth literature can be helpful to internalize the material. Please do not hesitate to ask our staf for suitable literature if you have problems with a topic. If necessary, use our consultation hours to clarify questions and form study groups to exchange ideas and discuss the topic. In the last lectures before the exam you will have ample opportunity to ask questions.
Old exam questions or sample solutions will not be published by us.
The dates for exams you will find in Klips 2. 

Regarding homeworks/lecture papers / portfolio, please pay attention to current information, which you will always find in Ilias at the beginning of the semester. The module manuals contain the relevant information. Please note, however, that "spontaneous" changes are also possible. These are published in Klips/Ilias.  

Exams where "LS" is written in the field Examination time or Examination location will be organized by the chair. Information about the type and time of the exam can be found on our homepage about 2 weeks before the date of the exam in the section Teaching - Examinations. 

b) Correction of exams
The correction period is eight weeks. Our team always tries to correct exams promptly. However, due to the sharp increase in the number of students in recent years, we cannot always guarantee that the grades will be ready within a few days. We apologize for this and ask you to refrain from making inquiries regarding the results. Information about grades can be found at the respective examination offices or at Klips / Klips 2.0

c) Inspections
When we announce the grades, we will publish a date on which you will have the opportunity to take a look at the exam. For some exams, prior registration is necessary. This will be announced separately on our homepage under teaching. Please be punctual for this date.

Term Papers and Seminars

If you are doing a scientific work with us, please pay attention to the instructions for scientific work, which must be followed. Any violation of the instructions will be negatively reflected in the evaluation of the work. There are deadlines for the submission of term papers, which will be communicated to you by the chair. In case of disregard or non-compliance with the deadlines, the paper will be evaluated as "failed".


Final thesis

Here you will find information on the topic of theses.


Consultation Hours

For a consultation appointment, please contact the appropriate person of our team by mail.



You can research books and journals via the KUG catalog of the university.

Please note that the library of the Department of Social Policy moved and is now in the Economics Library. It is located on the 4th floor of the Student Service Center, Universitätsstraße 22a.


Under certain conditions, we issue letters of recommendation for applications to scholarship or master programs. Before you apply, you should make sure that you have successfully completed the courses of our chair and, if possible, that you have written your thesis at our chair. For further information, please contact Ms. Liane Dung (secretary) by sending in a CV, an overview of your grades and all relevant information about the respective program. Please also explain in a few sentences your motivation for the application.