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You will find a detailed overview of the currently offered courses in the course catalog in Klips 2.0. Furthermore you can find more detailed information about the courses in Klips 2 and in the current module manuals of your course of study. ATTENTION: Depending on the current situation the exams can be organized differently than indicated in the module manual. All information are under the point "Exams".

Courses offered by the Chair of Social Policy and Methods of qualitative Social Reserach and the Seminar for Co-oporative Research


Ageing and social space in the welfare mix

Fundamental and current issues in Co-operative Economics

Introduction into Co‐operative Economics

Theory and methods of qualitative social research

Health Care System

Introduction into Social Sciences

Management of Co-operative

Morphology of Companies in the Public Economy with a Plurality of Providers



International Comparison of Health Care Systems

Philosophy of Inclusion and Community-Building

Co-operative Economics in Social Space

Seminar: Economic Cooperation and Development

Seminar: Role of Co-operatives


Courses of the chair for social policy and methods of qualitative social research and the chair of political theory and history of ideas


Religion in the Dispute of Sciences

Seminar: Religion in the Dispute of Sciences